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  • Transportation Aid Jobs San Jose
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Our personnel are medically trained and certified in CPR, First Aid and AED.

  • All our drivers have clean DMV records and are fully insured.
  • Discounts available for weekly and monthly recurring trips.
  • Senior shuttle service.
  • Ambulatory service.
  • Gurney and wheelchair transportation services.
  • One way or round trip medical transport.

Rides for seniors for any occasion

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Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services

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Transportation services for the elderly

Most frequent questions and answers

How do I get transportation for medical appointments?

Senior transportation depends on the need of the individual, if the individual requires assistance and the best way is to call a non-medical transportation company that provides assistance with a wheelchair or gurney depending on the elderly is need.

How much does senior transportation cost?

The cost of transportation for the elderly is depending on the distance and the care level the patient needs which means does he require a wheelchair or a gurney, these are the main parameters to determine cost.

What services are available for disabled adults?

The services for disable adults can benefit from our In-Home Care Services where we provide caregivers at the house also disabled adults, depending on their ambulation, they can benefit from our transportation services.

What is a private transportation service for seniors?

Private paid transportation services are when transportation provided to the patient is paid in private by the patient, sometimes transportation costs may be reimbursed by insurance or medical, however, that would be up to the customer to file such a refund that the company accepts only private rights.

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Customers reviews

  • Andrew John 🙂 Highly recommended, excellent service and great customer support from beginning to end of the process. Efficient communication and a really easy way to get a transportation. Friendly and professional.

    Ruby Lorica Domondon

  • We needed a transportation service for my elderly neighbor back in October, I called Absolute Senior Solutions after hours and they arranged everything as quickly as you can imagine. Their service is excellent and very professional. I would highly recommend them.


  • Their service is amazing! Very friendly, best customer service and on time. I highly recommend Absolute transportation service to anyone who needs it.

    Mario Carrasco



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